7 Steps To Burn Calories Dancing

Do you want to burn calories while having fun? You can lose weight by a workout dance and unleashing the rhythm of music with these dance steps!
Music is life and moving to the beat helps you let go, feel your body, and even burn calories!
Workout dance

Dancing is one of the sexiest workouts in the world, improve your heart function. Losing weight while dancing is possible and fun.
So, create a playlist with your favorite music, study the steps we have chosen for you and go wild every morning to recharge your batteries for the whole day.
The harder you go, the more you burn calories, free your mind from stress and keep yourself young! Yes, because dancing is great not only for the body but also for the brain.
Compared to 11 other sports activities, dancing is the only one associated with a significant decrease in the consequences of senile dementia, including Alzheimer's.
Probably because this activity also requires:
  • concentration
  • understanding
  • memorizing the steps.
You can lose weight by dancing, staying young and snappy, in body and mind!

Losing weight while dancing: the modular program

Before launching yourself on the dance floor (that is, on the carpet in your bedroom!), Study and test the steps of the various dances.
When you have memorized them, you can follow the program that we offer you or have fun changing the sequence of the dances.
It doesn't matter if you do the charleston or the boogie first: choose the order based on your mood or instinct of the moment.
You can also change the level of the proposed program by initially choosing slower music or by modulating the rhythm of the various music.
For example, you can choose a fast pace for African dance, switch to a slower pace for boogie, and return to a fast pace for charleston.
The faster the music, the more you increase your heart rate with these frenzied exercises.
To lose weight while dancing, start with 20 minutes (3 minutes for each of the exercises we propose), but if you enjoy the program and you want to burn more calories, you can increase the times and go up to 35 minutes to have a complete workout.
Remember to never skip the warm-up or the relaxation phase.
Don't limit yourself to just performing the basic steps of each dance but improvise!
If you feel instinctive to add a pirouette or a jump, do it, because the dance must be creative and everyone has a different way of expressing themselves.
The more sudden, the better: it means you have the dance in your blood!
Lose weight while dancing: the dance steps

1 - Warm-up

Lose weight by dancing warm-up dancing.
Dance to the rhythm of the music or walk in place by lifting your knees and arms alternately (right arm / left leg).
Workout dance

2 - African dance

Lose weight by dancing African dance like dancing
Muscles: cardio, legs, arms, and shoulders
Keep your legs slightly bent, arms parallel to the floor. Forcefully push the heel back as if to strike the buttock, bringing the arms up, the torso slightly forward.
Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
For even more effective results, do it on the tips. Dance for 1 minute on the spot and for 1 minute moving back and forth.
Workout dance

3 - Twist and jab (punches)

Lose weight by dancing like dancing the twist
Muscles: cardio, legs, glutes, obliques, and arms
Legs spread shoulder-width apart, rotate feet to the left and hips to the right. Close your fists and raise your arms with your elbows at shoulder height.
Perform 8 jabs (direct blows) in front of you alternating right and left punches, turning your feet and moving from right to left, vigorously turning your torso and feet in the opposite direction and swaying.
Do the exercise by increasing and decreasing the opening of the legs to alternate the levels of difficulty and work different muscle groups.
Workout dance

4 - Boogie

Lose weight by dancing like boogie.
Muscles: cardio, legs, glutes, abs, arms and shoulders
Open your legs to hip width.
Bend the left leg back and throw the heel towards the buttocks, swinging the arms back, then put the left foot back on the ground and immediately raise the right leg bent forward, opening the arms in a cross.
Perform the exercise for 1 minute with the right leg and for 1 minute with the left leg.
Workout dance

5 - Charleston

Lose weight by dancing like dancing the hi-hat
Muscles: cardio, legs, calves, abs.
Open your legs in side split by leaning on your bent right leg, torso slightly forward and arms parallel to the floor.
When you feel balanced, forcefully and cheerfully throw the straight left leg and the opposite arm straight forward, straightening the torso.
Return to a neutral position and take 3 steps in place to bring the right leg back and the left leg forward.
Perform these Charleston steps for 3 minutes following the rhythm of the music.
Workout dance

6 - Tip tap

Lose weight by dancing like tap dancing
Muscles: cardio, legs, abs
With your legs spread slightly bent, perform the tap by hammering your feet quickly on the floor and raising your arms to accompany the movement of the legs.
Be careful to keep your stomach in. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for 1 minute.
Workout dance

7 - Cooldown

Lose weight by dancing stretching after playing sports
Walk around the room for 30 seconds, then sit on the floor and stretch the major muscle groups you have worked:
  • calves
  • buttocks
  • arms
  • shoulders.
If you have time left, lie down and close your eyes trying to relax all the muscles in your body.
Workout dance