6 Sources of proteins for muscles

When it comes to gaining muscle, protein is the nutrient you should focus on, as you don't have a problem getting carbohydrates and fats. However, to consume the recommended amount of protein for muscle building, it is not simple: every day you should consume 1.2 to 1.7 g of protein for every pound of body weight.

6 Source of proteins for muscles

Not all protein sources are the same, as they have different qualities. Simply put, the more similar a dietary protein is to our body's proteins, the higher its quality, and you need to consume less of it to meet your needs.

Not surprisingly, proteins of animal origin are generally of a higher quality than those of plant origin: for example, if you eat a piece of meat, you consume proteins that have already been assimilated into the muscles - logically, a protein structure like this looks like more to our muscles rather than a wheat protein (or any other vegetable protein except soy protein). The highest protein qualities can be obtained by mixing different proteins.

So, if you are not a vegan, you should cover most of your protein needs with animal products such as fish, meat and dairy products. Make sure that the food is low in fat, as natural as possible and of high quality, i.e. that it does not come from mass farms.

The 6 best protein sources for muscle building

  1. Combine egg and potato proteins (35:65 ratio)
  2. Combine egg and milk proteins (71:29 ratio)
  3. Combine egg and wheat proteins (68:32 ratio)
  4. Combine milk and wheat proteins (75:25 ratio)
  5. Combine bean and corn protein (52:48 ratio)
  6. Eggs alone.
Here you can find a delicious and easy way to make the scrambled potatoes with eggs:

1) The scrambled potatoes with eggs recipe is pretty quick and easy to make. Take the potatoes, peel them, wash them and after eliminating the excess water, dry them with kitchen paper. Coarsely chop and set aside.

2) Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them with a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and the cheese you have grated. Finally add 2-3 finely chopped sage leaves.

3) Take a pan, put the butter to melt. Peel and chop a shallot and brown it with a bay leaf and potatoes. Cook everything on high heat for 7-8 minutes.

4) Remove the bay leaf, add the egg mixture and cook for a few more minutes.

5) Stir the scrambled potatoes with the eggs constantly and do not let them thicken too much. Serve immediately.