Most attractive muscles on a guy

Who said that women do not care about men's bodies, or that they do not have some male physical requirements for the knights of their dreams, just as men prefer some physical features in a woman’s body, women also prefer after the physical requirements in men's bodies.

Most attractive muscles on a guy

Therefore, in the next report, you will learn about the most important muscles that women prefer in the man’s body and that attract their attention greatly.

1- Abdominal muscles

In a study conducted by Western Illinois University in the USA on a random sample of women, the results showed that abdominal muscles are among the most attractive muscles in a man's body.

And scientifically, abdominal muscles may actually be among the most important muscles in the body. Because it indicates that the owner has a high percentage of testosterone, the "male hormone", the more fat accumulates around the abdominal muscles, the less sexual capabilities of men will be due to the percentage of their bodies secreting the male hormone.

2- Shoulder muscles

The broad and strong shoulder muscles are among the most prominent features of women in men's bodies. On the psychological side, women consider the width and breadth of shoulders to be among the most important signs of male strength that are exciting for them, according to a study conducted by Albany University in New York.

3- Arm muscles

The emergence of strong muscles in the arms from the summer shirts you wear or even when wearing classic clothes, gives a man a very elegant and attractive look that definitely catches the eyes of the fairer sex to him.

4- Chest muscles

It is not flabby, sagging, or bulky from the size of the muscles it contains to the point that it makes its appearance strange, in addition to the breadth of its area and width, these are the standard specifications of the men's chest for women.

5- The face

Although a man’s personality and attitudes are also important for women, facial beauty is no less important as well. Most women prefer that a man’s face contain large or medium eyes, a strong jaw and a wide cheek, according to research published by the American Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

6- Ambiguity

Although the mystery is not a muscle, but in any case, try to appear moody and somewhat mysterious in front of women, as curiosity in their genes will make them seek to discover your personality, according to a study from the University of British Columbia.

7- Biceps

If you thought that caring with your own hands is important as a man, then you are wrong; Because women do not prefer thin and soft hands, but rather rough hands, and always prefer the large hand size for the knight of her dreams.

8- Hair

In 2013 a study was published in the Journal of the American Practical Human Behavior Study that men's facial hair and beards are very important for women, as they find a man with a heavy, well-groomed beard more attractive than a man whose face does not contain any hair either.

9- Back muscles

The strong back muscles, broad and extending to the buttocks, is one of the most important muscles for men at all for women, as it is one of the largest evidence of male strength and abilities, according to a study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences in the United States in 2012 and the study authors found that a man has strong back and back muscles. Always the preference, according to 79% of the women surveyed.