How to tighten stomach?

Have you ever experienced that the skirt you bought a long time ago doesn't fit in the skirt? I want to improve my abdominal circumference and get a constricted body. In this article, I'll show you why it's easier to get fat on your abdomen and how to tighten your stomach.

How to tighten stomach?

The reason why I get hungry 

There are four main reasons why you may get fat on your abdomen
  • Lack of exercise

If you lack exercise, your muscles will fall. As a result, it becomes difficult to burn calories and excess fat is added. Cellulite is also likely to occur, which makes your abdomen swelling.

  • Decrease in basal metabolic rate

As you age, your basal metabolic rate decreases. For example, let's assume that your basal metabolic rate was 1210 calories a day when you were young, but now it's reduced to 1170 kcal a day. It's simply reduced by 50 kilocalories, so even if you eat the same diet as before, you'll be more likely to gain weight.

  • Decrease in female hormones

It is said that female hormones gradually decrease after the 40s. In particular, the decrease in hormones called estrogen makes it difficult to lose weight.

  • Cold In

the case of coldness, blood circulation tends to deteriorate. If the blood circulation is not good, not only the body temperature will drop, but also the internal organs will cool down. As a result, it is believed that fat accumulates around the abdomen to protect the internal organs.

Stretch to improve your stomach

Incorporate stretching as a first step in tightening your stomach. If it is difficult, you may be frustrated on the way, so it is recommended to start with the easy one. Stretching that you can do while lying down or stretching that you can do in a cross-legged posture can be continued comfortably every day.

  • Easy stretch while sleeping

One of the easiest stretches to continue is "sleeping abdominal breathing". Train your inner muscles with abdominal breathing.

  1. Sleep on your back on a bed, tatami mat, or yoga mat.

  2. Place your hands next to your body and relax your shoulders.

  3. Inhale through your nose with the image of collecting air in your abdomen and inflate your abdomen.

  4. When you're bloated to the point where you're at the limit, exhale through your mouth. If you use the image of putting your navel on your back, you can dent your stomach well.

  5. It is recommended that you close your eyes and relax before going to bed.

How to tighten stomach?

  • Raise both legs! Belly stretch

Stretching to raise both legs while lying down can be expected to be effective not only in eliminating belly but also in tightening the legs.

  1. Sleep on your back on a bed, tatami mat, or yoga mat.

  2. While lying down, raise your legs straight up.

  3. Slowly lower your legs, aiming at an angle of about 45 degrees from the floor.

  4. Let's keep it for 10 seconds.

It's not as tight as your abs, so even women who aren't good at strength training can continue.

  • Stretch to make a constriction

When you get fat on your abdomen, you lose your constriction. If you want to aim for a sharp body, also incorporate a stretch of the oblique muscles.

  1. Sit in a cross-legged position and stretch your back.

  2. With your right arm raised, lean your body to the left. It's slow and okay.

  3. Keep your left arm on the floor up to your elbows. As it is, stretch the right flank.

  4. If you feel that it hurts but feels good, it is a good indication that stretching is working. Let's return the body to its original position.

  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 5 times on each side.

  • Abdominal muscles, esthetics, and diet equipment are also effective

It is more effective to incorporate abdominal muscles, esthetics, and diet equipment at the same time as stretching.

  • Exercise your abdomen with your abdominal muscles

  • Crunch

"Crunch" is an easy and easy-to-try training at home in your abdominal muscles. I'm sure some people do sit-ups somehow, but let's check once to see if they're done in the correct form.

  1. Bend your knees 90 degrees and lie on your back on the floor, tatami mats, or yoga mat while standing upright.

  2. Put your hands behind your head and slowly raise your upper body

  3. Keep your hips on the floor.

  4. After raising your upper body to the limit, slowly return to your back.

At first, let's challenge the goal of 20 times.

Add a twist to the abdominal muscles (crunch)

Once you get used to your abs, you can also train your flanks by adding a twist when raising your upper body.

  • Use diet equipment

It is also recommended to use diet equipment that is expected to have an effect on the abdomen.

  • EMS abdominal muscle belt

A Diet device that applies an electric current to the abdomen to contract the muscles, aiming for the same effect as the abdominal muscles. It's easy because you only have to wear it on your abdomen. Depending on the product, the strength of the current can be adjusted and some are reasonably priced, so please choose the one that suits your purpose and budget.

  • Esthetics

Going to an esthetics that specializes in diet menus is also a good way to prevent your stomach from getting sick.

"Cavitation & radio waves", which are said to soften belly fat and shed it as waste products, and "Hyper knife", which is expected to have the effect of burning fat at once, are popular as diet menus.

We also recommend a slimming salon where you can concentrate on your stomach and massage.


How to tighten stomach?

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