Metabolic Confusion: Meal Plan For You

I'm on a diet but it doesn't work. Under such circumstances, you should avoid putting a strain on your body by strenuous exercise or extreme dietary restrictions. The cause of difficulty in losing weight or being prone to gain weight may be poor basal metabolism or lifestyle-related habits that lower metabolism. If you control your metabolic confusion, you will be able to burn fat efficiently and avoid problems.
Here, we will introduce the points and a meal plan to raise basal metabolism based on the lifestyle habits that people, who are prone to gain weight, tend to have. 
Rember we always recommend consulting a physician before taking any diet.
Metabolic confusion meal plan

What is the cause of getting fat easily?

First, let's look at the causes and lifestyles that make it difficult to lose weight or gain weight even after dieting.

Is it easy to get fat because of low metabolism?

Most people who are difficult to succeed in dieting have low metabolism. Human metabolism declines due to lifestyle-related disorders, stress, chronic lack of exercise, and age-related decline. A body with poor metabolism is hard to lose weight, and even if you try to diet by dietary restrictions or exercise, it is hard to get an effect.

Also, just because obesity is not resolved easily, it is counterproductive to repeat a heavy diet. Severe dietary restrictions and exercise interfere with metabolic function, leading to a vicious cycle of further metabolic decline.

If you don't feel the effects of dieting or feel that you are prone to gain weight, it is important to first review your lifestyle in order to maintain normal metabolism.

Lifestyles that are common to people who are prone to gain weight

The following are some of the lifestyle habits that people who are prone to gain weight fall into.

  • Disordered eating habits
  • Lack of exercise

Disordered eating habits and eating habits such as frequent snacks, irregular eating, and fast eating are the causes of obesity. In addition, lack of exercise not only reduces energy consumption, but also leads to more and more fat being stored in the body.

In addition, the coldness that is common in women causes swelling as well as symptoms such as insomnia and frequent urination. When the body becomes cold due to the stagnation of blood flow and the metabolism of water also decreases, the body tends to swell and the body becomes easier to gain weight.

What is basal metabolism that makes a lean body?

From here, I will introduce the basic knowledge of "metabolism" that you should know in order to build a lean body. In our body, there are three types of metabolism: "active metabolism", "diet-induced heat production", and "basal metabolism".

  • Active metabolism:
It is done by moving the body.

  • Diet-induced heat production:
It is produced by the digestion of eating

  • Basal metabolism

It is the most energy-consuming metabolism and is also needed to breathe and move the heart. Since it is also done while sitting or sleeping, it is ideal to raise this basal metabolism in order to consume energy efficiently.

Basal metabolism declines with age, but you can maintain it by practicing a healthy lifestyle and moderate exercise. If you can maintain a high basal metabolism, your body temperature will be kept high and blood flow will be improved, so it will be easier to discharge waste products and you will be able to maintain a clean body shape.

It is also effective for building a healthy body that is less likely to get sick.

Metabolic confusion meal plan

7 plans that lead to an increase your basal metabolism

From here, let's look at the lifestyle habits you want to practice to improve your basal metabolism by seven points.

  1. Stretching after waking up

When you wake up in the morning, first open the curtains and soak up the sun to awaken both your head and body. And by stretching while breathing deeply, you can improve the circulation of blood while taking in plenty of oxygen to the body. Not only does it increase metabolism, but it also balances the autonomic nerves, and by moving the body, the sympathetic nerves become dominant, and the activity switch is turned on from the morning, making it easier to move.

Stretching after waking up can be simple. Stretch your body slowly with a stretch that you can do while lying on the bed.

2. A glass of water or plain hot water in the morning

People sweat a lot while sleeping. After waking up, drink a glass of water or plain hot water to replenish the lost water. Hydration improves blood circulation and can be expected to improve basal metabolism.

Drinking warm plain hot water warms the gastrointestinal tract and activates the functions of internal organs. It is recommended to drink plain hot water even in the summer, especially for those who tend to get cold.

  1. Chew well and eat

Many people skip meals on busy mornings. However, it is also important to eat properly in order to improve metabolism. Eating a meal activates the parasympathetic nerves for digestion and absorption, and also activates diet-induced heat production. Also, if you eat at regular times every morning, your body will be in rhythm.

The key to improving metabolism is to chew well and eat. In particular, some people can easily finish breakfast with smoothies, but if possible, the ideal menu is one that can be chewed properly. If you chew well and eat, you will wake up better and the activity switch will be turned on.

  1. Eat food that warms your body

Cold drinks and foods that you should be careful not to take too much, especially in the summer. Not only do they lower body temperature, they also slow down the work of internal organs and lower metabolism.

To improve your metabolism, try to choose hot tea rather than iced tea, warmer than cold udon noodles, or something that warms your body as much as possible.

  1. Earn exercise in your daily life

Loss of muscle mass is also a major cause of basal metabolism. Muscle mass decreases with age after the 20s, and on the contrary, fat tends to increase. In order to maintain muscle mass, it is important to practice moderate exercise on a daily basis. In particular, if you lack exercise, especially at desk work, your muscle mass will decrease steadily, so move your body consciously.

  1. Take water well

Most of the human body is made up of water. Moisture in the body is distributed throughout the body as blood, and plays an important role such as delivering nutrients and oxygen to the whole body.

Maintaining an appropriate amount of water in the body and going around the whole body with that water in a clean state are indispensable for building a healthy body. If these conditions are met, blood flow will not be stagnant, and all cells will be properly hydrated and metabolism will increase.

It is said that the standard amount of water you want to take in a day is 1,500 ml. Get this amount of water every day to allow fresh water to circulate in your body.

  1. Soak in the bath every day as much as possible

On days when you come home late or in the hot summer, you tend to just take a shower instead of soaking in the bathtub. However, if you want to increase your basal metabolism, soak in a bath every day as much as possible to warm your body from the core.

As the body warms and the blood flow and lymph flow become smoother, waste products are more likely to be discharged. It is important to soak in the bath slowly to relieve stress and get a good night's sleep.

Another way to safely reduce calorie intake from your diet is to choose low-calorie, high-protein foods. The recommended ingredients are as follows. By paralleling exercise with proper calorie restriction and nutrition, you can reduce body fat mass while maintaining muscle mass.

  • Salmon fillet (100g): 132kcal / protein 22g
  • Greek yogurt (170g): 100kcal / protein 17g
  • Chicken breast (without bone / skin, 100g): 108kcal / protein 22g
  • Beef (thigh, lean meat, 100g): 140kcal / protein 23g
  • Pork (fillet, lean meat, 100g): 114kcal / protein 23g
  • Silken tofu (1 piece 300g): 168kcal / protein 15g


As you got, you should control your metabolism to increase your chances to lose weight faster, and actually, that is what most dieticians want you to do when they give you a meal plan. Nevertheless, you could take more advice about physical activity you can practice reading this article.